Gluten free rice and hemp Fusilli

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A food speciality made with rice flour and hemp flour. 250 gr.

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A new colour, an aromatic scent and an intriguing flavour: surely not your typical pasta. These fusili are made with rice flour, hemp flour and water and are bronze drawn to ensure that they catch the sauce perfectly. They are dried for 18 long hours thus maintaining their nutritional value and fragrance. There are no emulsifiers, colouring or preservatives added. They are naturally gluten-free and without lactose or eggs, but they have many important qualities. The flour used is organic, naturally gluten-free and the hemp flour gives this pasta added mineral salt and vegetable protein.

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes

Storing suggestions

Store the package in a cool, dry place.  


Organic rice flour, organic hemp flour 12%, water.

A summer salad

The delicate aroma of the hemp flour, which is similar to hazelnut, pairs very well with shellfish and aromatic herbs. I suggest a cold pasta salad with shrimp, cherry tomatoes and basil.

As energising comfort food

In the winter, I love this pasta sautéed with pieces of potato, Savoy cabbage or turnip tops and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Values expressed for 100 gr. of product:

energy 365kcal /1550 kJ
carbohydrates 75,00 g
- of which sugar 2,70 g
fat 2,00 g
- of which saturates 0,50 g
fiber 1,70 g
protein 11,00 g
sale 0,019 g

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