Gluten free Corn and raisin bites

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Gluten-free biscuits with corn flour and raisins. 160 gr.

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They are golden in colour and have a texture that is only apparently rustic because it conceals raisins and orange. I’ve decided to vary the delicious Venetian biscuit to make it softer and more precious. In only one bite, you’ll find the reassuring taste of yellow polenta, sweet raisins and the aroma of orange. Oh, I almost forgot! There is no gluten, but this is only that extra bit, being able to share these biscuits with everybody.

Storing suggestions

Store them in a cool, dry place. Once opened, close the package carefully or put them in an airtight jar.


Flour mix (rice starch, corn starch, rice flour, potato starch, psyllium seed powder, carbossi-methylcellulosa, guar seed powder), corn flour 20%, raisins 13%, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla and orange natural flavours, baking. May contains traces of nuts.

With pastry cream

A delectable, but easy dessert to end a gluten-free dinner. Make the cream with sugar, eggs, milk (or rice or soy milk), corn starch and lemon rind. Serve it warm in a small bowl and dunk the biscuits.

With a distillate

Besides classic 5 o’clock tea, the delicate aroma of these gluten-free bites pairs perfectly with a grappa or a fruit distillate. For those who have a real sweet tooth, the raisins call for a good dessert wine.

Values expressed for 100 gr. of product:

energy 477 kcal /1997 kJ
carbohydrates 67,00 g
- of which sugar 13,30 g
fat 20,30 g
- of which saturates 7,50 g
protein 6,20 g
sale 0,50 g

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