Gluten free Apple and Liquorice jam

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Organic apple and liquorice jam. 350 gr.

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With this naturally gluten-free jam, I bring “my passion for black” to the table and bring together my favourite colour and aroma.

The delicate pulp of the organic apples joins the intriguing aroma of liquorice for a jam to be discovered by the spoonful.

Sweetened with organic cane sugar, it has that surprising sensorial contrast between a velvety texture and a decisive flavour. Its colour makes it the perfect accompaniment for sweet and savoury gourmet dishes.

Storing suggestions

Once opened, store in the fridge and use it within a short amount of time.


Organic apples, organic cane sugar, liquorice powder, lemon.
Quantity of fruit: 130 g /100 g of product.
Sugar: 56 g /100 g of product.

Creamy desserts

I use this jam as a topping on panna cotta or cheesecake, or paired with vanilla ice cream.

With French cheese

The liquorice element sublimely “holds its own” with blue-veined or raw-milk cheese, as it does with a creamy mascarpone.

Values expressed for 100 gr. of product:

energy 179 kcal /746 kJ
carbohydrates 46,60 g
- of which sugar 43,70 g
fat 0,10 g
- of which saturates 0,00 g
fiber 1,50 g
protein 0,20 g
sale 0,10 g

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