Frolla ricca

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Gluten-free, short-crust pastry with almonds. 140 gr.

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Every pantry, like every closet, has its “go-to” element. Just like there will always be the opportunity to wear a black blazer or a white, silk shirt, there will always be the moment to eat something sweet. Crunchy, scrumptious, fragrant, satisfying, gluten-free.
We’ve decided to make the best version possible, just like a tailored suit, because in the simplicity of the product, quality is everything. Top quality butter, almonds and a mix of naturally gluten-free flours like pearl millet and sorghum which give new fragrances to this rustic product.

Storing suggestions

Store them in a cool, dry place. Once opened, close the package carefully or put them in an airtight jar.


Amido di mais, uova, burro, zucchero, farina di riso, mandorle 11%, farina di miglio, fecola di patate, farina di lupino, latte di soia, farina di sorgo, sale, aroma naturale di vaniglia.

A rustic picnic

A warm spring day, a blanket, a basket full of goodies: everybody loves a good picnic. The ideal dessert is this crunchy, gluten-free tart: break it up with your hands, bite into it and enjoy while gazing at the sky and the horizon.

A sweet, gluten-free bite

Hidden away in their colourful box, their sweetness tempts you. Add your own touch to the box with a coloured bow or a loving message: this is the perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth.

Values expressed for 100 gr. of product:

energy 523 kcal /2187 kJ
carbohydrates 62,80 g
- of which sugar 19,70 g
fat 24,70 g
- of which saturates 13,90 g
protein 7,10 g
sale 0,10 g

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