sincerity and food

At our customers’ service, wherever they may be.

Sincerity&Food has always put their customers at the centre of attention because our mission is to satisfy their needs in terms of products and services. With Sincerity&Food’s firm belief of keeping its customers satisfied, the company has decided to take on a step-by-step journey towards continuous improvement so as to offer excellent service. Our company’s main office is in Vicenza, Italy.

When you make purchases on Sincerity&Food, you are choosing more than just the quality of our products: you are choosing a customer service that would like to receive your feedback. We are committed to offering our customers an excellent purchasing experience, wherever they are. This is why we are enthusiastic about collaborating with national and international partners of primary importance. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to create a safe, user-friendly and reliable shopping space for our loyal customers, all while maintaining trust-worthy service.

Nobody is perfect. We know that… therefore, we would be grateful for any feedback you want to give us… It is the basis for improvement.

You can contact us directly at (+39) 340 6348722 and talk to one of our sales clerks or write us an e-mail to the following address WRITE US