sincerity and food biscuits

Sincerity&Food is a brand based on artisanal products, totally Made in Italy, regarding the world food intolerances (initially gluten-free). It is aimed at building and claiming a position of excellence in the area of quality food production through the creation of a healthy product that is “good for everybody”. In the field of good, healthy, gluten-free food, Sincerity&Food is a brand consumers can relate to. The goal is to improve their quality of life by sharing a goal that is the product, but goes beyond the product.

The point of view changes with Sincerity&Food: we do not like the expression gluten-free because it stands for sacrifice and means saying “this food lacks something”. Whereas, we think that gluten-free food, free from gluten, can have “something extra”. It means creating a wide range “with” and “for” consumers within which they can discover their lifestyle, values and happiness through the product. Our goal is to show them that Sincerity&Food is not only the research for flavours, the goodness of the raw materials, a commercial presence, but a “total” experience. Never having to compromise when it comes to total quality: product, service, communication and always trying to be better.

SF S.r.l.
Innovative start-up incorporated pursuant to art. 4 c. 10 bis of legislative decree 24/01/2015 no. 3

Viale S. Agostino, 134
36100 Vicenza Italy
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